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    Dr. Janaé Moore

    For over 22 years Dr. Janaé Moore has professionally and successfully supported others on their journeys to healthier and more fulfilling lives. Her counseling view and approach is best expressed by an anonymous quote that says, “[we] were put on this earth to achieve [our] greatest Self, to live out [our] purpose, and to do it courageously.” Believing that we all carry, for different reasons and at different levels, both family and social life wounds that, if unhealed, can interfere with us having the courage to live and be our greatest Self, Dr. Moore focuses on supporting clients to identify, work through, and learn from the personal wounding that still carries mental, emotional, and/or spiritual angst, hurt, pain, anger, unforgiveness, etc. that causes this interference within the heart, mind, soul and/or body memory. With a firm belief in the inner capacity to heal, Dr. Moore compassionately and skillfully supports clients to engage their own healing process and journey by helping them to be conscious, clear and at choice to define and determine what being their greatest Self means as well as how to live from this inner place with courage, grace, and gratitude.