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Dick and Phyllis Woodruff. Northern Virginia Older Adult Counseling (OAC) is a professional health care practice that strives to provide excellent and affordable counseling services to older adults in our community. With two offices in Fairfax, OAC also offers in-home counseling to clients who are home-bound. With a willingness to meet the client in his or her own setting and a commitment to bill Medicare and other insurance plans for covered mental health treatment, our counseling services will be accessible to a population that is often underserved in the current health care environment.
OAC also specializes in care planning with older adults and their families. Our practice is guided by a person-centered approach that utilizes a strength-based model to treat emotional distress and the complex issues that individuals face on their unique journey through aging. Our therapists have extensive experience working with clients in both independent living and assisted living. We believe in a team approach to problem solving and care planning that engages the client's personal support system of family and friends.


Mental health psychotherapy is offered for older adults suffering from emotional distress associated with medical and psycho-social challenges in the aging experience. OAC accepts insurance reimbursement for services covered by Medicare and other providers.

Care Planning

OAC specializes in a team approach to Care Planning for older adults and their personal support network. With a wide range of knowledge and experience, our therapists understand the complex aging challenges that impact multi-generational family systems and friendship networks. We work with individuals, couples and families to establish a sustainable plan that supports the best interests of each person.


OAC therapists have experience working with local Community resources and offer informed referrals for services to support older adults where they live. OAC also offers special seminars and classes for groups interested in learning more about quality longevity through cognitive health awareness.

Cognitive Health Assessments Seminars and Programs

In the forests, the “OAC” leaf is not evergreen. It will change in the fall season of its life cycle and while remaining beautiful, it will also become more fragile – just as older adults in our community will inevitably experience new challenges as they advance in years.

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