• Counseling for Adults with a Focus on the Older Adult Population

    Professional… Knowledgeable… Compassionate

    “In the forests, the ‘OAC leaf’ is not evergreen. It will change in the fall season of life, and while remaining colorful and beautiful, it will also become more fragile.”

    Northern Virginia Older Adult Counseling was founded in 2016.  With a mission-oriented mindset, a mother (therapist) and daughter (Health Care Administrator) developed a plan for a new therapy practice. The overarching goal at that time was to establish a professional counseling service that would focus on the mental health needs of older adults in our community.  Fast forwarding to the present, NOVA OAC has evolved into a thriving counseling practice with multiple licensed clinical social workers on staff working with both older and younger adult clients.

    Older Adults (55+)

    Mental health psychotherapy is offered for older adults suffering from emotional distress associated with medical and psycho-social challenges in the aging process.

    Adults (30+)

    With a wide range of knowledge and experience, our therapists understand the complex challenges that impact multi-generational family systems and friendship networks.


    We work with individuals, couples and families to establish a sustainable plan that supports the best interests of each person.

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